Table clocks – a closer friend

I feel a closer connection with my table clocks. While wall clocks serve a larger area and are mostly looked at from a distance, table clocks are right in front of you, just 3-foot or less away. My bedside table clock has an alarm function and is the last thing I touch before I go to sleep and the first thing I look at when I open my eyes every day.

You may say, ‘I have my smartphone, why would I still want an alarm clock?’

Health organisations advise us to stop looking at the phone, or any electronic devices, 30 minutes before bed. Some experts even say one to two hours. We are already glued to our phone all the time. And whenever there’s a beep, we pick the phone up and check. This addiction is seriously affecting our sleep. We need to ask ourselves, ‘do we want our phone to be so “helpful” and accessible?’

When we put our phones out of our bedroom, our basic need comes down to time-telling and waking up – nothing too complicated to cause stress and anxiety. We want our brain cells to get ready to wind down and relax, perhaps just the simple action of tapping the button of our alarm clock. A table clock serves the exact purpose.

Silent table clocks with a sweep movement are ideal for bedrooms as the clock hands do not move with a ticking noise. Our bedside cabinet tops can be small, there are table clocks that are only 9cm wide. As the winter mornings get darker, alarm clocks with a built-in light make it easy for you to read the time. Table clocks are not just functional; they come in a variety of design styles. Pick one that sends you an uplifting vibe so that you end and start your day on a positive note when looking at it.

If you do not want to put nails on the wall, consider table clocks. They can be moved around as you reconfigure your interior layout. There are sophisticated and creative designs that turn table clocks into works of art for your living room or hallway. When put on your work desk, they add an aesthetic appeal to your work space.

Check out some of the table clocks from NeXtime below:


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