Trends from Maison & Objet

The much-awaited Maison & Objet returned to Paris last month (September 2022) after almost one and a half years of anticipation. NeXtime participated in this global stage of creativity and have observed a few home decor trends.

2022 is clearly a year of transition and disruption. A part of Paris Design Week, Maison & Objet is a beacon of light for the industry, and a precursor of the exciting new trends to come. I have selected a few to share with you.

Natural materials

Material innovations have brought a breath of fresh air. More brands are using alternative materials including rattan, wood, linen and stone. A contrast with the more traditional man-made materials, these raw natural materials give an earthy, floral colour tone and create a greater sense of lightness and transparency. The designs somehow bring us one further step closer to embracing nature while not compromising design and functional possibilities.


These alternative, natural materials also offer more eco-friendly solutions to commercial brands. Other materials, even pollutants collected from the ocean, are being recycled and repurposed. Sustainability has become a prominent consideration in manufacturing. Consumers nowadays are keen on contributing to making the world a better place and look for a ‘meaning’ in the money they spend; environmental protection is one.


Exotic inspiration

Designs inspired by African and ethnic aesthetics are emerging. They feature patterns with rich details and bold colours, which is the other end of the spectrum from minimalism. The additional appeal of ethnic designs is they often provoke our senses and emotions. Many also have spiritual associations that help bring peace and calm to the viewers, reinforcing their mental well-being.

These trends we saw at Maison & Objet are consistent with our consumer research and have verified that our 2023 collection is in the right direction. We can’t wait to unveil the new designs to you. In a later blog, I will talk more broadly about 2023 interior design trends. I hope they will provide some helpful reference for you if you are planning to refurbish your interior space.



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