About our movements

When you buy a NeXtime movement, you know for sure you don't have to worry about the quality. We are using high quality Taiwanese movements that are carefully selected to make sure your clock is always running in time for many years. 

Our movements are delivered with all the parts for an easy and complete assembly. Included with our movements:
• Metal hanger - (optional) to put between the movement and the rubber ring. This will make it able to hang your clock.
• Rubber ring - to put between the movement and the clock to equally spread the pressure when you tighten the movement. 
• Washer - to put between the center nut and the clock. To prevent damages. 
• Center nut - to tighten the movement to your clock. 
• Second cap - when you don't use a second hand, this will be put on the second shaft. 

Every movement runs on 1 AA battery (not included).

How to choose your movement

If you have a problem with your clock and you need to replace your movement make sure you buy the correct part. We are happy to guide you with this. We have several kinds of movements. 
  1. Choose your Type of Movement 
  2. Measure the shaft height you need

Types of movement

step movement nextime clockStep Movement

This type of movement is best known by everybody, a reliable movement that gives a little ticking sound. The step movement is available with a short shaft and a long shaft. The size of the shaft is crucial and depends on the dept of the case. 


Step Movement with Hanger:

Step Movement 23.5 mm

silent movement nextime clocksSilent Movement.

This sweep movement is not making a ticking sound! For this reason it is suitable for all rooms including bedrooms. If you need to replace your movement you can recognise a silent movement to it's red wheel on the back.


Radio controlled movement
This type of movement is especially for Radio Controlled clocks (often referred to as RC or DCF). The movement is set to an atomic clock by radio signals This ensures that your clock always displays the correct time and you do not have to change your clock to summer- or wintertime anymore. The Radio Controlled movements are controlled by the DCF77 atomic clock located near Frankfurt in Germany. This atomic clock gives a signal within a radius of about 1500 kilometers. Our clocks represent the Central European Time (CET). Note: England is not in this time zone.


Pendulum movement
This type of movement is used for clocks with a pendulum. The pendulum is decorative and, other than with mechanical movements, is not from influence on the time keeping of the hands. The pendulum can hold a maximum weight of 90gram. 

Some clocks need special movements and are not standard available in our webshop. In some cases replacement is too complex and not possible. We, like no other, know that a clock can have high emotional value so you can always contact us to see if we can help out.


Special movement for item 2269

    How to replace your movement

    The best way to assemble a movement is with a center nut screwdriver or you can use scissors. You can easily replace the movement yourself. To guide you through this process please watch our FAQ movie: