Bring peace and calm home

The non-stop avalanche of information and high intensity of human interactions are making us more susceptible to what’s happening around us, shrinking our space of peace and calm to a suffocating level.

Being in a state of inner tranquillity allows us to be fully aware and focused on our lives. Our minds can be clear. Our emotions can be balanced, and our physical bodies can be relaxed. It is in that state of being that we are better able to empathise with others and be truly present in our relationships.

Science has found that colours, shapes and images can have a profound impact on our moods, our sense of well-being and even our productivity. It’s time we considered adding these visual elements to our interior.


Simple, repetitive patterns of round shapes, curve lines, stripes, swirls and florals, all of which often found in nature, can be used to create a harmonious atmosphere. Incorporating these patterns into our home décor can help to ease stress and anxiety.

Some people also connect with the universe using geometric Mandala patterns as a tool to facilitate their meditation and contemplation.


Images of nature can also be used to evoke feelings of peace and calm, e.g., images of landscapes, waves, ponds, even fish and animals. When presented in a repetitive and rhythmic manner, they could be therapeutic to look at.


Soft pastel colours such as pale blues, greens, and greys are often said to create feelings of serenity. Using these colours in a room can help create a tranquil atmosphere and make it easier to relax.

You may have noticed a lot of these are extracted from nature. During COVID, many interior designers talked about bringing the outside in. The immersion into nature can also take an abstract form.

Clocks are something we look at numerous times a day. Each look at the clock could be a reminder for us to relax and enjoy the beauty of life. Don’t underestimate the positive impact your clock has on you. Check out NeXtime’s Peace & Calm clock series.

Feathers, Pond and Koi (30cm) are designed with rhythmic harmonious patterns of feathers, pond or koi fish silk-screened on the lens and the dial to create a spatial illusion.


Concord, Lotus and Yogi (40cm) feature natural wood cut in floral patterns on top of a calming green, pink or purple water colour background.

Cosmo (20cm) in purple, blue or green are inspired by Mandala patterns and colours

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