Interior Design trends 2022

2022 Interior Design Trends

Are you planning to renovate your home or moving into a new one in the coming year? Here are some 2022 interior design trends for your reference as you start to plan for your home.

Less is More

Minimalism will continue into 2022. As we spend more time indoor, there is a greater desire to use less furniture and less decoration to make space. The ‘elimination process’ then forces us to keep or choose a furniture primarily because we need it; functionality comes first. Having said that, a minimalist design often allows an accent element or a ‘wow’ factor to give it some personality or it may look ‘incomplete’.

When it comes to clocks, minimalist designs are often some of the best-selling. When the form looks basic, customers pay greater attention to the details to ensure the small things are done right.

NeXtime's Hands (2269zw) is a large wall clock that is an obvious minimalist design. Its slim and matt silver aluminum hands reach out to 85cm in diameter.

NeXtime’s Noa (5225zw) features a minimalist design with refined details.

Bring The Outdoor In

There is no need to discuss how much we now want to bring the outside and elements of nature inside. In 2022, we will continue to spend more time at home.We expect to see increasing use of natural materials such as wood and stone in decoration, furniture and décor, and include some home gardening elements. Natural colours with a neutral palette such as beige, grey, different shades of blue and green are considered to be more calming and relaxing instead of a flood of bright striking colours.

Wood Wood (3096BR / 3095BR) from NeXtime has a clock dial made of natural brown wood sourced from sustainable forests.

NeXtime’s Forest (3264BR / 3262BR) features a finely grained natural wood block that is each different and a unique art piece.


A comfortable functional workspace

Although activities have resumed to a large extent, the pandemic is expected to have a long tail. Working from home, at least partially, has become the new normal.Instead of just briefly checking your emails on the couch or occasionally editing a long document at the kitchen table, many people now re-configure their home to create a more ‘proper’, more comfortable and healthier work space that is next to the window or well-lit by a lamp. When they choose furniture and decoration, it is more important to address functional needs instead of purely for their aesthetic value.

The NeXtime Stripe (3147)  wall clock has a simple design and is radio-controlled, meaning it adjusts itself automatically through daylight saving time and always shows the correct time.

The NeXtime Modern Gear Clock (3259WI) is easy to read with its clear numeric index and red hands. The simple design is enlivened by the decorative moving gears.

Retro is timeless

After some of the toughest times, there’s a stronger inclination towards nostalgia and the ‘good old days’. Designers say the 70s is back. Although the 70s seems almost the other end of the spectrum from minimalism, there are also similarities. Perhaps you can also consider it if it suits your personal style and taste more.The 70s is about eclectic graphics, vibrant colours, bold forms, mix and match and following your heart. To bring greater comfort to the eyes, there are more rounded shapes and softened edges rather than rigid, straight-line structures with angles and corners.Retro is often timeless; there’s always some form of retro in design trends. With inspirations from the past, designers give it a new life and a modern twist.

The NeXtime Flip Clock (5228WI) has a basic, rounded-edge retro look and can be used as a wall clock or a table clock.

NeXtime’s Henry vintage (3282WI) wall clock is a classic beauty featuring light silvery moving gears and a brushed pastel green metal case.

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