Do people still need clocks nowadays?

As a clock designer and producer, I often get asked 'do people still need clocks?' It is a logical question. Why do we need clocks now that we can find the time on the many devices at our arm's reach? But my answer is, 'YES, we do.'

This is not just because it is my business. I truly believe clocks are one of the essential accessories to our home, office or any place where we spend time in. Time is a key part of our life. This is a simple fact. In the rare moments we do not have any time pressure and do not have the urgency to know the time, we often still want to know when these 'breaks' will be over so that we are mentally prepared to move on with our next activity.

Knowing the time gives us peace at mind. We feel we are in better control. To ensure this peace of mind is unimpeded, checking the time needs to be effortless because only then we can fully relax. There are times when we cannot turn our wrist to check our watch. Even if we can reach our phone or switch on our PC, we are often tempted to also do something else or access other information. It takes our mind away from what we were doing, which could cause us stress.

When telling the time, the clock ties people together. Everyone in the same room looking at the same clock is different from everyone checking their own device. There is also a certain kind of trust that we establish directly with the clock. If we are waiting for something to happen at a designated time, we won't be completely satisfied when our friends tell us 'it's almost time', or 'just a few minutes more'. We still prefer to look at the clock ourselves to know the exact time to form our own judgment.

I can easily prove my point about the importance of clocks. Just put a clock, if you don't already have one, in a prominent spot in your home or office. Then after two months, remove it. You will find yourself and all those dwelling in that room still checking the spot for the time. It irritates you to not instantly know the time even though you can check it somewhere else.



The moment you wake up, you look at the alarm clock to confirm that it's time you need to wake up. And over breakfast, you keep checking the clock to ensure you are not leaving home late. A clock in the room provides greater stability, familiarity and comfort especially to those who may have a confused concept of time. A clock with numbers, for instance, will provide definite visual clues to people with dementia.


Some clocks do more than telling the time; they measure temperature and humidity and tell tidal status as well. Some clocks serve as decorative pieces. Whether you buy a clock for yourself or as a gift, it says about your personality. All clocks from NeXtime are original designs and you can certainly find one to serve your purpose.

So YES, everybody needs a clock.

 I shared some tips on how to choose your clock in November. Check out my blog and choose the right clock for yourself.

 See you NeXtime.


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