5 Tips on how to choose your clock!

5 Tips on choosing the right clock

  1. Where is a good spot for the clock?

To pick the right clock, start with the surrounding before zooming into the clock itself. Where exactly do you plan to put it? – in which room, on which wall or which table top. Is the spot you pick somewhere visible to you at a comfortable angle so that you won’t strain your neck when you check the time? It is also not ideal for the clock to be put next to a window; the brighter exterior will reflect on the lens, making the hands hard to read.  
          Vinyl Tap 8141   

  1. What is the right size?

Like the correlation of all interior design elements, the clock needs to be proportional to the size of the room and the wall space.

If you want the clock to be an eye-catching decorative piece in your living room, it could be 40cm or even 50cm+ in diameter, especially when the clock is going to be seen from a distance. However, you need to see if there’s enough buffer space and that the clock is not sharing the wall with other decorative items or it would look too cluttered.
  Roman Gear 3260GO

For the other rooms such as the bedroom and the study, get a smaller clock, 30cm or less
.Luminous 3261WI

  1. What is the right material?

If you already have a theme for your room and there’s a kind of ambience you want to create, the right clock material will help enhance it – more polished materials with fine details to go with elegant and glamorous, natural wood with a striking grain texture for a country farmhouse design, rustic metallic for industrial and glass for minimalist or retro.

Classy 3105BC  Essential 3252BL     Forest 3264BR         

 Moon Dome 3164     Birmingham 3280ZW

  1. What is the right colour?

As for the colour of the clock, is there a dominant colour tone of the room?  Match the colour of your clock with an existing colour of an item in the room for stronger cohesion. You want to easily spot the clock when you check the time, consider picking a colour that creates a light and dark contrast against the wall.

If it’s a neutral colour room, consider picking a bright colour clock, which will also serve as an accent item, or the other way round, i.e., a neutral colour clock for a bright colour room.

3252FM Essential Gold

Color Palettes (https://colorpalettes.net/) offers more than 4,000 palettes manually put together, warm, cool, pastel or contrasting to give you inspiration and help you picture the mood you want for your interior.

  1. Do you have any specific requirements?

If you want a hassle-free clock that doesn’t require you to adjust it to summer or winter time every year, get a radio-controlled clock that receives time signals from a transmission station and always shows the correct time
.3147 Stripe Radio-controlled

If you are a jetsetter or work with people all over the world around the clock, you may want a clock that shows multiple time zones.8108 Mondial
There are clocks that are designed for the garden. Apart from telling the time, it also measures the temperature and humidity, perfect for people who are into outdoor activities. Of course, the clocks can also be used indoor especially when there is no outdoor space for people in the city. . 4311 Aster

If even the slightest clock ticking sound wound distract you from your work or disturb you in your sleep, you may want to get a silent clock that produces no noise when the hands move.

   5225ZW Noa






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