Daylight Saving Time – the anxiety of clock adjustment

Will you consider getting a radio-controlled clock?

The winter time this year is starting soon at the end of October. And on the last Sunday of March, you need to adjust your clock again back to the summer time. Are you stressed even though it’s only happening twice a year?

 Adjusting your clock can be quite a hassle especially when your clock is hung somewhere high up and cannot be reached easily. No one needs to put up with the pressure of reminding themselves to do it on the right day, at the right time.

 radio-controlled clock may be the easy answer.

 radio-controlled clock adjusts itself automatically

radio-controlled clock (often referred to as RC or DCF) has a built-in radio receiver. It receives the time signals from a transmission station that control the clock movement and automatically synchronise your clock for you.

Once you’ve bought the clock and done the simple steps to initial set up, your clock will always display the correct time and you do not have to worry anymore.

Central European Time Zone

However, you need to notice that there are more than 40 such radio transmission stations in more than ten countries around the world. When you buy your radio-controlled clock, find out which transmitter it is receiving signals from because it means you clock will be synchronised to the time zone where the station is located.

The radio-controlled clocks available at NeXtime receive signals from the DCF77 transmitter in Germany as long as you use them within 1,500 kilometres from the transmitter location. It is the Central European Time zone, which is NOT the same as that of the U.K.

To ensure you can always see the correct time, consider getting yourself a radio-controlled clock now. Below are some of NeXtime’s radio-controlled clocks:

Stripe & Stripe Square – 40cm wall clock with shiny aluminium index and hands on a frosty glass dial 

Stripe (3147)

radiocontrolled clock nextime glasclock

Stripe Square (3148)

NeXtime Radio controlled clock - Glass clock with pendulum

Station – Number Index – 35cm wall clock with black roman number index and black hands on a white dial framed in a brushed aluminium case. There is also the option with stripe index.

Station Number Index (3999ARRC)
Stationclock NeXtime - Radiocontrolled clock

Station Stripe Index (3999STRC)

 Stationclock NeXtime - Radiocontrolled clock

Station Clock – Weather Station – 25cm wall clock that is also a weather station with built-in thermometer and hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity. It will be the perfect outdoor clock that you put in your garden. There is also the option with a black dial. 

Station Clock – Weather Station 90513WI 

Stationclock NeXtime - Radiocontrolled clock

Station Clock – Weather Station 90513ZW

Stationclock NeXtime - Radiocontrolled clock

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