Searching for gifts? Your Ultimate Guide to Christmas Shopping

Every time you are thinking about what gifts to buy for your loved ones, you go through a new round of reflections of your relationship with them, the time you’ve spent together and their personality, interests and hobbies, as if you are getting to know them again.

Selecting Christmas presents is never an easy task. The closer you are to someone, the more you want to impress them. Here are some ideas to hopefully spark inspiration for you.

Cozy Christmas atmosphere with tips on selecting the perfect gift for the season.


It arouses mixed feelings when you receive gifts that are hardly of any use to you. If the recipient has mentioned that they are looking for something, e.g., a clock, get one for them. Also think about if it is suitable for the recipient's lifestyle? For example, a wall clock might be a great fit for someone who enjoys home decor, while a table clock could be ideal for someone with a home office. Check out the blog we wrote about table clocks earlier.

Perfect Christmas gift for home decor enthusiasts: A stylish, silent NeXtime Float wall clock blending glass and metallic elements.

Elegance and functionality: The Float Clock, 40 cm - a perfect gift choice.



Instead of focusing on the price tag or the number of gifts, prioritise quality. A well-made gift can have a more significant impact than multiple, less meaningful items. Choose a good quality, well-crafted and durable clock that is likely to be appreciated and become a long-lasting part of the recipient's home.

Guide to choosing 'precious' finely-crafted wooden clocks as ideal home decor gifts.

Experience quality craftsmanship: Precious 50 cm Clock


Sentimental Value

Is there a memorable life episode you want to recall? Choose a gift that holds a sentimental value, something that reminds the recipient of a shared experience, a special memory, or an inside joke. You can pick a colour to represent it. Attach a note or card explaining why you chose the clock for them. And Christmas gifts are to bring joy. Yellow is a colour of joy.

Selecting a vibrant yellow, joyful wall clock as a striking accent piece - a gift guide.

Brighten Their Day: The Deep - A Bold 50 cm Yellow Dome Clock


Recipient’s Interests and Hobbies

Does the person have any hobbies and interests? A gift related to something they are passionate about is likely to be well-received. Many people love the outdoor and being close to Nature. At home, they may spend a lot of time turning their garden into a private haven. A clock that reminds them of the beauty of nature will help create that connection even inside their home.

Choosing a water-inspired Pond clock with koi fish design as a unique gift

A Serene Gift: The NeXtime Pond 30 cm Clock, Artfully Depicting a Lotus Pond Scene.


An art piece

Items that are pleasing to the eyes always cheer us up. If the clock has an aesthetic or decorative appeal, it can serve as both a functional timepiece and decorative display. Clocks come in a variety of designs, shapes, and materials. Choosing a clock with artistic flair, whether it's a unique shape, vibrant colours, or intricate details, can turn it into a piece of functional art.

Guide to selecting the unique Vasco art statement clock as a distinctive gift

A Masterpiece of Time: Gift the Unique Vasco Clock, an Artistic Design Statement.



Giving gifts are a test of how well you understand your friend. Personalised gifts show that you put thought into the selection. Choose a clock that reflects the recipient's style, personality and preferences. If the clock has a wood frame, engrave your name on it to add a special touch.


Mindfulness and Nature: A Guide to Choosing a Lotus Wooden Clock as a Thoughtful Gift.

A Gift of Tranquility: The Lotus Clock, Reflecting Mindfulness and Personality.


We hope these tips are useful to you. NeXtime offers a great variety of clocks. Visit our Collection page. We wish you a happy holiday.

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