Craftsmanship and Quality

Do you care about the heritage and expertise of the brand when you buy a clock? NeXtime comes from the land of clock makers and believes that clock-making is definitely about craftsmanship and quality.


Clocks depicted above: Precious 3284BR - Big City - 8197ZW

One of the core values we adhere to is ‘uncompromising quality’, our commitment since 1970 when we first designed, produced and sold hand-crafted clocks more than 50 years ago.



In the early years, NeXtime specialized in making hand-crafted clocks and was renowned for making some of the best quality clocks of the time – Christiaan Huygens pendulum clocks and Zaanse clocks, which originated in the Zaan region in the north of The Netherlands. The company also produced English table clocks, French comtoise clocks and planetarium clocks.



Clocks depicted above: Forest 3264BR - Loop 3295ZW - Sunny 3286GO

The experience of producing hand-made mechanical clocks and fine craftsmanship had given NeXtime a solid foundation supporting its transition to contemporary clock designs in the 1990s. The company brought in modern aesthetics, explored new forms, materials and technologies. More than just telling time, clocks became critical design pieces as interior design trends as ways of living evolved.

Clocks depicted above: Spinning Time (discontinued) - Testpage Dome 3162

Products depicted above: Plug inn 2610ZW - AA USB Batteries AABAT003-2

NeXtime takes all the time that is needed in the product development. Over the decades, we have accumulated strong knowledge in materials, technology and manufacturing techniques, which puts us in the best position to bring the most innovative timepiece designs to life. Some of the trend-setting pieces include Spinning Time, Testpage and the everlasting Plug-Inn. In 2019 we also introduced rechargeable USB batteries as an environmentally-friendly alternative to reduce wastes of single-use batteries.

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