Om Nextime

NeXtime is a Dutch design company specialized in clocks, established in 1970. With 45 years experience in designing and manufacturing clocks, and trading in more than 50 countries around the globe; NeXtime is the world’s leading clock’s company.Why do we design, make and sell clocks? There is only one reason: we want to make a good time! We want to make clocks that are so outstanding that they enrich your life and bring a smile on your face every time you look at them. We enjoy designing, making our own creativities and be proud of these creations, we love being a part of everyone’s valuable moments!Moments is something very personal despite age or gender, nationality or location, seasons or weather, one moment or a lifetime emotions, ups and downs, big or small, laughter or tears, friendship or love... Time is every moment we live! We hope NeXtime clocks can become a center piece in wherever they are being displayed and that they will show your good taste and fun attitude!NeXtime has offices in The Netherlands and Hong Kong and is worldwide represented by distributors.

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