Q: Battery rapidly running out of power

A: This may due to the type of battery used. We advise alkaline batteries are used with all NeXtime products as these have longer battery life. Never use rechargeable ones! Life span of a battery is between 9 – 12 months under normal usage and room temperature.


214zw_cap.jpgQ: Clock runs slow or not running

A: Change the battery with a brand new one, prefer alkaline battery for longer lifespan. The cause of it may also due to the “cap” (see picture) on top of the hands being pressed down too deeply. This can affect the way the hands run. To resolve this, gently remove the cap by lifting lightly upward and out; and then place it back softly. Test lifting it again without much force, if the cap stays without coming out, the procedure is done. You can adjust the time if the hands are being moved. 

Q: Clock runs slow or not running (clock with pendulum)

A: Check that the clock is always hung straight against the wall = parallel to the wall (especially when there is a pendulum)

Q: Clock hands are loose, dangling and not able to turn

A: This can happen, normally when the clock does not have a cover in the front so the hands are exposed. Be very careful when dusting or unpacking to prevent this from happening. Remove the “cap” located on top of the hands then use only your thumb and index finger to softly remove the hands one by one. First the hand on the top (it can be a second hand or minute hand) then the most bottom one being the hour hand. Hold only the edges of the hands on the area where they are originally connected to the clock with a punched hole. Now, put all the hands back to the clock using the same 2 fingers and holding the same edges of each hand where the punched hole is.

  1. Hour hand first (make sure the tip of the hand is pointing to 12 o’clock)
  2. Then Minute hand (the longer one and pointing also to 12 o’clock)
  3. Finally Second hand (if there is any), also pointing to the same position as the other hands
  4. Place the Cap back on the top of the hands though the plastic axle (where you took it off). Remember: press softly, never use force. The cap is locked once pressed down
  5. Lift the cap softly to ensure it is not coming out 
  6. Re-set the correct time and check that all hands are parallel and not touching each other (make sure the clock is held upright as if it is hanging on the wall when you are double checking)

Q: How long can the luminous last for the Glow in the Dark Clock?

A: Glow in the dark effect can generally last for a maximum of 4 hours The length of glow relies on many factors ie

  1. how bright the light source is near the clock
  2. even if there is light in the room, the location of the clock can affect light absorbance which in turn can affect the brightness and length of glow-in-the-dark
  3. the brightness of the glow-in-the-dark effect fades off gradually

The glow-in-the-dark luminosity will decrease in approximately 1.5 - 2 years.